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Our vision is to be the most preferred Project Managers, Monitors and Evaluators Internationally and be a model of excellence in our industry due to our commitment to durability, dependability, reliability great customer service and quality workmanship. Our core values include...


We are passionate about excellence and doing work right the first time. We believe that our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer and community


We actively build a diverse, inclusive and collaborative work environment were all views are welcome, openness is encouraged and teamwork and merit are cornerstones. We are proud of what we do and how we do it and enjoy doing it!


We develop and apply world class technology. We listen, learn and seek out the best ideas attacking complacency and continually improving.

Our Strengths.

We value continuous communication with the client from the project starts until the handover to the client. We have a young, experienced innovative and dynamic management that is eager to learn.

Our continuous policy of research and development has enabled us to maintain a product quality that is in line with the diverse demands of the market place.

Our Philosophy

Quality is our number one priority within the company. We strive to define quality in every project and always do it right first time, on time and within budget

Since we view our clients as are our Kings and Queens, we work closely with them clients so as to ensure that our services meet their exact needs.

We strive to be environmental friendly in all operations from start to finish.


We offer a wide range of services including.


Utilising the actual number of numeric models leads to most effective performance over the useful period of the project output.


Get your business introduced, known and get noticed on the global market.


This service is very relevant to day to day public sector cries answers and it carter for different sectors of the economy at any specific given time.


Based on size and scale, we deal with large scale, medium scale and small scale businesses. The type of service which arms you with solutions to get any type of business started.

Sales and Marketing

We find key sales prospects and opportunity for growth. Realtime data delivery into your work flows. Serve digital ads to the right audience

Risk Assessment and Management

We measure, predict and anticipate exposure to risk and mutigate potential risk.

Why choose us?


We value communication with the client and we aim to keep them updated on every step as we take in the process of getting their job done.


To us quality is critical to satisfying our clients and retaining their loyalty for the future thus we strive to provide the best services of highest quality.


We work with clients of all sizes and we can provide a suitable plan that gurantees success with any budget.



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Hard Workers



Ceo & Founder

You made it so simple. Your advertising campaign was so effective my customers increased drastically. Thank you very much.

Emmanuel Vungano

Ceo & Founder

My accounts were in a mess but when this guys started doing my books its been flawless ever since. A great and talented team.



We developed a great partnership with AEST and their dedication to service provision is evident in how our company has grown.



We appreciate AEST's attention to detail and their creative approach shown by their sales and marketing team. Amazing work.



If I've made one investment that's truly paid off, it would be working with AEST. Love thier team and their amazing work.

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